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Thule Quickfit

2nd Hand Thule Quickfit For Ducato H2 – SOLD


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2nd hand Thule Quickfit For Ducato H2 – SOLD

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The complete tent is in one piece and doesn t need profiles. It easily slides into the front and cassette rails of the awning. The front canopy is installed with flexible arch tubes. All fastening points have been thought through to enhance the installation.

It is made out of Ripstop fabric: a light weight woven & tear-resistant material used for aeronautical engineering. Not to mention that this material also has a strong water resistant coefficient. Because it’s
paired with an awning, the double roof is a good insulation solution to keep the tent and vehicle cool.

The integrated front canopy gives a contemporary look to the tent and provides additional shade. It has a real modern look with the combination of black, grey and white.

The weight has been calculated with everything inside the bag: pegs, arch tubes, curtains, Thule WindSlip & the tent of course! It fits in a small bag for a compact storage. A real performance for this tear-resistant tent.

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