Thule Residence G3 Room - Hill View Awnings

Thule Residence G3 Room

Large Panoramic Windows invite maximum light to create an extra feeling of spaciousness and advanced aeration. User Friendly and Modular with a sturdy tent frame.

  • Awning tent with a high quality PVC Fabric in a new and timeless design thanks to the combination of black, grey and white to suit all the Thule awning fabric finishes.
  • Fits the Thule awnings : 4900 – 5102 – 5200 – 5500 – 8000 – 5003 – 9200 – 6200 – 6900 – 6002
  • Available mounting heights : Small (2.15m > 2.29m), Medium (2.30m > 2.44m), Large (2.45m > 2.59m), XL (2.60m > 2.74m),XXL (2.75m > 2.89m), 3XL (2.90m > 3.10m)
  • Easy installation :
    • The side panels slide into the clamping profile –  This clamping profile ensures mounting and connection of the side panel to the awning fabric for a perfect roof sealing. –  The front panel slides into the awning lead rail.
    • Mosquito mesh windows covered with a transparent blind (can be rolled-upwards)-  Top covered aeration on both sides
    • Window Panel can be rolled-upwards –  Tent canvas and frame separately packed in 2 luxury bags (included)
  • Front panel –  Integrated left-side and right-side door ( from 3.50m on) –  Accessory rail for a combination with a sun blocker or screen door ​-  Separate front panel parts can be rolled-upwards
  • New Inclusive windslip

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