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Thule Veduta

Awning Tent For Caravans

The Thule Veduta is available in 4 lengths from 4.0m to 5.0m and can only be used in combination with a Thule 6200 / 6300 roof awning on a caravan with a mounting height between 2.45m and 2.59m. The sloping panel offers a large internal living area and creates an extra feeling of spaciousness.

The tent is supplied with clamping profiles to mount the side panels and connect them with the awning fabric for a perfect roof seal. The side panels slide into the clamp profiles and the front panel slides into the awning lead rail.Optimal closure is achieved via a zipper connecting the front and side panels together.

The 4 window panels are unzippable and can be placed anywhere you want at the side or front. One panel has 2 integrated door openings. You can easily roll up one side to create an entrance door. This way you can have an entrance in the side or front elevation.

All windows have a full mosquito mesh to keep dirt and insects out and to create optimal ventilation.The mosquito mesh is covered with a clear window that can be rolled up.

The front is easy to install as a single piece with two window panels. It is easy to add accessories such as a sun blocker front in the optional rail.

The fabric is made of Airtex which is perfect for solar applications. It is a 100% polyester fabric which is coated with acrylate on one side. This gives the airtex its distinctive textile character.

The bottom of the tent is provided with a double windslip for a better protectiona against dirt, wind and rain ingress. The supplied windslip and wheelcover prevent the wind from entering from the underside of the vehicle. All comes in two luxury storage bags.

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