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Thule VeloSlide Standard

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Thule VeloSlide Standard


The smartest and most user-friendly bike rack for your RV garage space – load up to 2 e-bikes.


Fixed inside your garage compartment
Mounting rails available in several lengths – sold separately
Convenient, comfortable handling of the bikes – all done while standing outside
Unique, patented one-handed control
Bike rack slides out up to 1.5 meter
Slides partially into the garage for easy access to other cargo around the bike rack
Fits larger bikes by making optimal use of vertical space – make sure your RV garage is high enough for your bikes
Sturdy, secure bike holders and wheel fixations with pump buckle straps hold your bike in position
Bike’s ideal position can be optimised without tools – and even while the bike is already attached to the rack
Takes little space when not in use – the rack can be slid to the side or removed completely only leaving the mounting rails on the floor

Additional Information


Technical specifications


Mounting location

Load Capacity for Bikes

Max bike weight
35 kg

Max weight capacity
70 kg

For e-bikes

Sliding rail in depth

Sliding rail left-right

Lockable platform

20 kg

Model number

Available in Standard and Short Versions


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