Thule Box Lid Cover - Hill View Awnings 1
Thule Box Lid Cover

Thule Box Lid Cover


Thule Box Lid Cover

Lid cover to protect the box from scratches and dust during storage

Made out of soft vlies material to protect surface from dirt and scratches.
Integrated pocket within the cover for easy storage when not in use.
Easy fitting with elastic edge, just slip over the roof box lid.
Available in 3 different sizes. For perfect fit to the referring Thule roof box size.

6981 – Size 1 (Thule Flow, Thule Dynamic M, Thule Motion XT M, Thule Moxtion XT L, Thule Pacific S, Thule Pacific M, Thule Pacific L, Thule Touring S, Thule Touring M, Thule Touring L, Force Sport, M, L, S))

6982 – Size 2 (Thule Motion XT Sport, Thule Touring Sport, Thule Touring Alpine, Force Sport)

6984 – Size 3 (Thule Dynamic L, Thule Motion XT XL, Thule Motion XT XXL, Thule Motion XT Alpine, Thule Flow)


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