2nd Hand 3.75m Thule Omnistor 6300 Anthracite Cassette, Mystic Grey Fabric - SOLD - Hill View AwningsThule Omnistor 6300

2nd Hand 3.75m Thule Omnistor 6300 Anthracite Cassette, Mystic Grey Fabric – SOLD


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2nd Hand 3.75m Thule Omnistor 6300 Anthracite – SOLD

Has a Small Dent in the lead rail

Handle and fitting kit to order separately

Roof-mounted awning

The new standard for roof-mounted RV awnings

Perfect fabric tension

Available with 12V motor

Increased reliability and sturdiness but still light weight

Equipped with features for a higher comfort


Sturdy spring arms with patented integrated tension arms ensure a perfectly tensioned awning fabric for increased wind resistance. Standard integrated for awning lengths from 3.75m and more.

An optional 12 VDC motor nicely integrated with manual override mechanism allows you to operate the awning without any effort.
Built-in durability systems for long life performance create a higher stability which allows awning lengths up to 5.00m to suit larger vehicles.

An optional tent rail makes it possible to mount a Thule awning tent and to add a Thule LED Strip to create more outdoor light.
Integrated fixation for an optional 3 rd support leg to ensure a higher stability (from 3.75 m lengths on).

Equipped with a front rail drainage system for secure water evacuation.
Thanks to the adjustable pitch system the incline of the awning fabric can be set as you please, so it can be opened above open doors.

Patented roller tube support for better fabric tension and reduced wrinkling of the fabric.
Easy roller tube adjustment – perfect closing of the cassette on the side opposite to the gear.

Integrated anti-rattling solutions
Contemporary look which perfectly integrates with any vehicle design
Fits all types of recreational vehicles.

Compatible with existing awning adapters for RV s and other accessories.


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