Thule Sun Blocker Side G2



Thule Sun Blocker G2 Side

Side privacy panel for Thule awnings to let the breeze in while keeping the sun out.

Available in different heights and projections. Can be combined with Sun Blocker and Rain Blocker front panels.

Available for different awnings, depending on projection and mounting height
The side panel slides into the easy to install aluminum rafter between awning box and front profile
The side panel can be installed at both sides of the awning
Many possibilities to combine other panels
The combination of a panel with the Thule QuickFit or Thule EasyLink tent is possible
Durable fabric material: micro-aired screen fabric
Fits Thule Omnistor 1200, 5102, 4900, 5003, 8000, 6002, 6200, 6900, 9200

Thule Sun Blocker Side G2

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